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About Us

We are RecycleX

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Our Journey

At RecycleX, we are committed to decarbonising the construction sector by utilizing waste and reducing the consumption of cement and natural resources. The founders started prototyping in the early part of 2020 when the whole world was locked in their houses due to COVID-19. By Oct 2020, We launched a pilot with the Bharuch Municipal Corporation by installing REX Pavers made of plastic & construction waste in Bharuch. In Feb 2021, We won the India-Australia Circular Economy Challenge. Looking at the response, We leased an old paver manufacturing unit and started production in Mar 2021. Around June 2021, We were the runners-up of the SEEDS Low Carbon Technology Awards. In Nov 2021, after 5 months of R&D, REX Bricks was launched using Eco-Concrete. We set up a manual production unit with a capacity of 4000 bricks every day in Saykha GIDC, Bharuch. In the same month, We won the prestigious Youth Ecopreneur Award from International Trade Centre and World Trade Organization in the waste management category. After seeing 5 months of success in which we sold around 5,00,000 REX Bricks, We scaled our operations by erecting a Semi-Automatic manufacturing unit in Dahej GIDC, Bharuch by the end of July 2022. This made our capacity to 15,000 Bricks and 2,000 Pavers every day. Due to operational challenges, we shifted both our facilities to a single place in Ankleshwar GIDC in Sept 2022. In January 2023, we introduced our new Business Model of directly working with industries producing waste. In February 2023, We launched a Semi-Automatic manufacturing unit with Steamhouse Industries in Ankleshwar GIDC. This facility took our daily production capacity to 25,000 REX Bricks every day. The journey has been a roller coaster ride, we have seen our ups and lows but we have been supported immensely by the Gujarat Government and the startup Eco-System. 

Why Construction needs to
be decarbonized?

We live in a Concrete jungle, that phrase highlights concrete because it is the most used man-made material in the world. We use it to make houses, roads, urban infra and whatnot. The problem with concrete and its vast usage is the main ingredient, Cement. It is responsible for the highest emissions by any material in the world, Approx 8%. 1 kg of cement production emits about 1kg of carbon emission during production & more while being transported. In terms of India, our annual cement production was nearly 400 Million Tonnes, second most by any country and growing with double digits CAGR.

Eco-Concrete the answer?

As discussed above, Concrete needs to be decarbonized. Let's understand it a bit deeper. Concrete has 3 main ingredients, cement, sand and aggregate. When you add water to this mixture, you get concrete. Now the problem is the carbon footprint of cement and concrete overall and the consumption of natural resources. Keeping this in mind, Recyclex has developed Eco-Concrete, the concrete does not contain any cement and that is achieved by replacing cement with Steel & Coal waste(Industrial waste). Alkaline chemicals are also added to the mixture to activate the waste and that combination of waste & alkaline chemicals replaces cement. Overall, Eco-Concrete is a mixture of Industrial waste, sand, aggregates and alkaline chemicals. Eco-Concrete has similar properties to traditional concrete and outperforms it under various conditions. The overall CO2 footprint is approximately 80-85% lower than concrete. Recyclex plans to use the Eco-Concrete to manufacture products like Bricks, Blocks, Pavers, Roads and lot more products. 

Why Bricks and Blocks?

With Eco-Concrete, the idea was to transform the whole concrete industry. To validate the material, we initially started manufacturing products like REX Bricks. The reason we went ahead with non-structural products is because directly entering the structural products like slabs, roads and flooring was difficult and the product was still in the initial stages. Bricks had a large market & easier market to penetrate with our delta created in price & performance. With now the product & material validated, we are looking to enter other products like road construction & flooring using Eco-Concrete. 

REX Paver Blocks

Our bricks and paver blocks are made from recycled plastic waste, making them an eco-friendly alternative to traditional building materials. They are durable, lightweight, and easy to install. Click here to know more.

REX Bricks

Our tiles and flooring products are made from recycled plastic waste and are available in a wide range of colors and designs. They are easy to clean and maintain, making them perfect for both residential and commercial spaces. Click here to know more.

Environmental Consulting

Our planters and benches are made from recycled plastic waste and are perfect for adding a touch of greenery to any space. They are available in a variety of sizes and designs and are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Click here to know more.

Future Products

Our team of environmental consultants provides expert advice and guidance on a range of environmental issues, including sustainability, waste management, and regulatory compliance. Click here to know more.

Our Mission

Reduce 1% CO2 footprint of India

Our mission is to reduce 1% of the carbon footprint of India that is equivalent to around 30 Million Tonnes. We plan to do that with a basket of building materials like bricks, blocks, pavers and upcoming products like road construction & other prefab products. This way, we are challenging ourselves to build a better future for India & the world. 

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