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World Environment Day

History of WED

The World Environment Day was established in 1972 by the United Nations at the Stockholm Conference on the Human Environment. It is celebrated annually on 5th June, 2021 to spread awareness and encourage people’s sense of action for the protection of our environment. It is a platform where environmental issues like marine pollution, plastic pollution, global warming, climate change, etc. issues are raised and strategies to combat and defeat them are discussed. It also provides a forum for governments, NGOs, businesses, and celebrities to advocate environmental causes.

Each year a theme is selected for the celebrations, which are carried out at a pre-decided venue. This year the theme is ‘Ecosystem restoration’, and the venue is Pakistan. The theme is introduced to highlight environmental issues like wildlife, forests, pollution, etc.

The ‘World Environment Day anthem’ is written by the Indian poet Abhay Kumar. It was launched in 2013 WED by Indian Union Ministers.

Celebrating WED is very important to put into action the methods to fight the evil forces harming our environment.

  1. We have approximately 11 months left until the global temperature rises by another 1.5 degrees Celsius

  2. We have just six years left to achieve net-zero emissions

  3. The wildlife population has reduced by an astonishing 68% between 1970 and 2018. The freshwater fish population has reduced by 84% between 1980 and 2018. During the same period, the world has lost 100 million hectares of tropical forest to make way for agricultural land. Imagine the size of flora and fauna destroyed!!! Imagine the amount of carbon emission reduction that could have happened if those plants in those vanished 100 million hectares of forests!

  4. Plastic pollution is also reversing the success of marine life conservation projects. Species that were at the risk of extinction in the last century are now being killed by the huge amount of plastic waste in the sea. There was a substantial increase in their numbers, but the increase in plastic pollution has again threatened them. If we don’t act now there will be more plastic than fish in our oceans by 2050.

  5. The global temperature has accelerated the melting of glaciers in high mountains and poles. This has increased the sea levels. This has increased the risks of flooding and cyclones in coastal areas.

Many many more environmental crises are going on in the world. They are affecting all life on our planet including human beings. Therefore, ecosystem restoration is vital to reverse the effects of climate change, global warming, and pollution.

Hence, spreading awareness and setting targets is quite essential if we want life to survive on earth. During the WED celebrations, ideas like sustainable development, circular economy, wildlife conservation, etc. are put into practice. The work done by the governments, NGOs, companies is reviewed, the damage done to the environment is reassessed and the targets accordingly revised.

ReclycleX has committed itself to the goal of Environment conservation. It is working towards achieving that goal by eliminating waste from the environment. We recycle plastics, C&D waste, and industrial waste so that they never reach the environment. Ass a responsible global citizen, you can do your bit towards saving the environment by using our recycled products. By doing this you can save the marine life from being destroyed by the plastic waste you create, you can protect the animals from their home being used as a dumping yard for the waste you generate, you can reduce the global temperature by a small yet significant amount by reducing the production of new plastic from crude oil and finally you are going to save yourself and the next generation from the perils of climate change. Think about it.

World environment day

The theme for the 2021 World Environment day celebrations is ‘Ecosystem restoration’. Ecosystem restoration is the practice of renewing and restoring degraded, damaged, or destroyed ecosystems and habitats in the environment by active human intervention and action. It is very important to bring degraded ecosystems back to life. Bringing degraded ecosystems back to life and making existing ecosystems healthier will yield greater benefits to society like fertile soils, more biomass and forest fuel, reduction in GHGs, lowering global temperatures, etc.

To achieve these goals the UNEP has laid down guidelines. These guidelines involve restoring eight key types of ecosystems - forests, farmlands, grassland and savannahs, rivers and lakes, oceans and coasts, towns and cities, peatlands, and mountains. It has also laid down guidelines for the people, governments, and other communities to become a part of #GenerationRestoration, a global movement aimed at restoring ecosystems. Don’t forget, people and the planet are only as healthy as the ecosystem we all depend on.

Now, ecosystem restoration can happen by setting targets, like the Sustainable Development goals of the UN and agreeing to green pacts like the Paris climate agreement. These agreements and goals involve activities like afforestation, recycling, energy transition to renewables, increasing energy efficiency of products to reduce consumption, demand-side management of energy, etc.

RecycleX is trying to contribute towards ecosystem restoration in its innovative ways! We try to restore the environment by reducing the amount of waste being dumped in it. We are trying our best to prevent and further reduce the degradation of our ecosystem. We recycle the waste plastics, industrial waste, fly-ash, and C&D waste to manufacture construction materials. This way we help reduce the carbon footprint of individuals and communities, which indirectly plays its part in ecosystem restoration. You too can indirectly contribute to #GenerationRestoration by buying our recycled products!!

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