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Our Solution

Our Motto: Waste is only a waste till you waste it.

Industrial Solutions

India is expected to be a 10 Trillion dollar economy by the end of the next decade. To achieve this, it has to be a major manufacturing hub and for it you need industries. These industries are the backbone of the economy and are the number one source of employment in the country. The size and number of industries would be growing exponentially in the future and so will their waste as they increase their production. With climate change posing the biggest threat to our existence, developing countries like India just cannot afford to cut down on their industrial expansion. The first step towards a clean future is to make sure the waste that we are generating doesn’t end up in landfills, water bodies or directly exposed to the air outside. Almost all industries are already looking for sustainable ways of disposing of their waste or turning them into something resourceful. 


We at RecycleX would like to be at the forefront of this by helping industries to set up manufacturing units to convert their waste into building materials by continuous R&D, Lab & Market testing and eventually scaling it up to the point where it is no more a waste.

Right now, we already have turned coal waste into a building material without the help of any binder like cement the most fundamental building material is Brick. We can turn any coal waste into bricks and the bricks not only outperform the red brick they are up to 30% cheaper than them in the local market. We are helping other industries also to use their waste to manufacture building materials. Some of the waste currently under R&D are lime waste, Silica waste, ETP Sludge and many more. If you are an industry looking for a solution, Do reach out to us if you have any waste that is a problem. 

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